Sourcing solutions

Sourcing solutions

Want to import prodcust from China? Tetra Sourcing provides a complete sourcing solutions from sourcing till shipping.

Buying products China

 Sourcing Products

By using our multiple sourcing solutions, we will first select the rights supplier from our database that can manufacture your products and meet your quality criteria within the targeted budget.

  • Build the pre-production samples
  • Build the technical sheets regarding the products and desired quantities
  • Finalise 3 offers from three different factories (FOB price)
  • Validation of the production capacities of the factories
What you get?
  • List of suppliers’ profile
  • Catalogues, pictures and technical descriptions of products
  • Pre-production samples
  • Three product quotes with it related lead-time and payment terms and conditions.


  • Brief the manufacturer on your product specifications and quality criteria
  • Confirmation of production terms (prices, deadlines, incoterm, etc.)
  • Kick-off Production
  • Order planning and follow-up on the respect of the deadlines
  • Technical support to solve issues that occurs during production
What do you get?
  • Confirmed production order
  • Systematic updates on the production status
  • Provide necessary documentation to import your goods (transportation warrant, packing list, commercial bills, certificates, etc.)

Quality Control

We provide 5 types of inspections services:

1. Initial Production Check (IPC)
2. During Production Inspection (DUPRO)
3. Production Monitoring (PM)
4. Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)
5. Container Loading Check (CLC)

Create your brand

We offer branding service to assist our customers building their product’s identity
  1. Design a custom-made packaging for your products
  2. Add your logo and colours to the products and packaging
  3. Prepare a catalogue for your products