Quality Control

Quality Control Services

How can you ensure the quality of your goods meets customer requirements and that they are handled safely in every corner of the world?

Global Sourcing has become an important part of international business. Companies operating global businesses must make sure the products they purchase are of good quality, safe, compliant with associated regulations and that they have been produced in socially and environmentally friendly conditions.

Realize your quality assurance needs with product experts at TetraSourcing:

From the identification of potential problems in the early stages of production to verification that quality is maintained every stage of the production process and assurance of the safety of your goods prior to or after shipment.

Tetra Sourcing has partnered with a leading 3rd party inspection company named Tetra Inspection, They provide a wide range of quality control services covering most product categories, including:

  • Textiles Inspection: garments and textiles including all clothing (blouses, t-shirts, sportswear, jeans, underwear), jewelry, accessories, footwear, handbags, and luggage
  • Furniture Inspection: furniture, toys and games, baby products, household and kitchen equipment, gifts and premiums, clocks and watches
  • Lighting Inspection: eyewear, health, beauty, and personal care products
  • Electronics Inspection: consumer electronics including audiovisual products and lights
  • Toys Inspection: Tetra Inspection covers all type of toys inspection including wood, Stuffed, and plastic toys.

Our comprehensive inspection services ensure maximum protection at every stage of the production process. Product quality is checked by our professional inspection team in accordance with your requirements, specifications, and criteria.

Product inspection services:

Customized Inspection Services

The inspection report presents all the detail needed for further action to be considered, if necessary. In addition, we also offer the following customized inspection services that can increase sustainability and reduce risk to safe, high quality products:

  • 100% Inspection and Sorting
  • Raw Materials Inspection
  • Retail Store Check

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you realize your inspection strategy throughout the production process.