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Best sourcing agent in China

Tetra Sourcing is considered as the best sourcing agent in China, we provide a variety of services to assist our customers throughout the purchasing process and production in China. Our product specialists will help you to select the right supplier, build the production samples and manage your production and quality on the field. We help suppliers and buyers to build trust and have a complete serenity.

Sourcing products China

Sourcing products China

Sourcing products China Our product specialists will help you sourcing products China by selecting the right supplier, building production samples and managing your production and quality on the field. We help suppliers and buyers to build trust and have a complete serenity. Our expertise We have good expertise in sourcing of remanufactures cartridge or toners, auto parts and other home
China sourcing agent

China Sourcing Agent

China Sourcing Agent TetraSourcing is considered as best China sourcing agent, Thanks to our principles and values, very settled in the organization, where the quality and ability to provide solutions and maintain a relationship of long-term trust with our customers. When buying from China, it’s critical to know who you’re working with It’s not uncommon for us to receive a call from
Our Team – Best sourcing agent China
Omar Mernissi
  • Identify and create new business opportunities.
  • Continuous improvement in operations and service.
  • Drive promotion and branding of the company
  • Focus on creating personalised service to our clients
  • Implement incentive programs for servers to increase sales.
James Liu
Quality Manager
  • Oversee day-to-day operations and monitor performance of the teams (productivity, manpower efficiency and customer service standard)
  • Execute strategies to achieve company goals, policies and new initiatives for daily operations and management
  • Work with all supporting teams closely to review and improve operational actions
  • Analyze all sales activities and evaluate market trends.
  • Responsible for P/L and cost control
Benjamin Devillard
  • Follow the production with the assigned factories
  • Coordinate with the production line, customers and the sales team in regards to the customers orders
  • QA/ QC from time to time regards to the production quality
  • New Products sourcing
Farah Ouriachi
Senior Account Manager
  • Responsible for the company sales activities (including sales cycle, product presentations, after sales services and prepare proposals and quotations)
  • Visit and assist different related tradeshows and events to build up and maintain the client relationship.
  • Provide Technical Support to the clients

Product experts

We are specialists in providing quality solutions that meets every individual needs. Contact us to know more about the product regulations and safety requirements related to your market.


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Our mission is to manufacture and distribute a comprehensive range of products under the highest standards of quality, profitability, environmental respect and social responsibility.


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Commitment, seriousness in the professional treatment are the basis of our daily work. We have a team capable of offering integrated solutions based on the needs of customers.